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International Academy
San Antonio
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A World-Class Education

IASA’s learning environment allows children to be children, while exploring their strengths and interests through inquiry and project-based learning. We value art, music, technology, and languages as important tools to understand our world. We strive to foster a deep understanding of how we are all connected, the challenges we face as a global community, as well as the great opportunities that await our children in the future. We set high standards of achievement for our students and equally believe in developing each student’s character and ability to handle their emotions in effective ways.

IASA is part of an international collaborative of schools that share best practices in education and are at the forefront of redesigning learning. We use an international English curriculum and also offer the opportunity to learn a second language. All students will leave the International Academy understanding the relationship between healthy minds and bodies with a strong foundation of academic skills that will lead them to great success in the future.

Most importantly, your child will learn to love school and learning!

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