IASA Academics

We live in a competitive global economy. To prepare our students to meet these demands, we base our curriculum on Common Ground Collaborative’s global, academic standards of achievement. This systemic program encourages students to take ownership of their learning through guided-inquiry, independent research, and engaging assignments.  

The core curriculum at International Academy focuses on academic excellence in reading, mathematics, science, technology, service learning, and world languages. It addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of the whole child by focusing on the following six human commonalities:

  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Personal Identity
  • Purpose and Balance
  • Patterns and Principles
  • Sustainability and Systems
  • Literacy (Personal Communication and Media)

Academic Pillars

The Common Ground Collaborative is a nonprofit, global community of leaders and educators who support learning ecosystems that build on three academic pillars of learning.

  1. Conceptual: The first academic pillar is conceptual learning or big picture ideas. This type of instruction teaches students how to organize and categorize information.
  2. Competency: The second learning pillar at IASA develops student competency or mastery of skills. Competency instruction develops and paces lessons around student needs and mastery of skills.
  3. Character: The final pillar of academic success is character education. As global citizens, it is imperative that students curate traits of personal responsibility and empathy while discovering and developing individual talents. 

Foreign Language Instruction

Multilingualism as a necessary skill in our modern world. Students at IASA will begin with conversational Spanish and later develop strong reading, writing, and communication skills in Spanish. Through language immersion, students receive core academic instruction in English three days a week and Spanish two days a week. 

We also emphasize the language of the 21st century—coding—through our elective programming. Through coding, students develop programming skills and analysis while exploring the roll algorithms play in computer programming languages.