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Selecting the right school for your child is a big decision, and we know you want to choose a learning environment that offers the best opportunities available. We know you’ll be pleased with the educational experiences you’ll find at International Academy of San Antonio. We will partner with you to personalize your child's education.

IASA is reimagining and transforming global learning.

Dedicated to Your Child’s Success

We care about every student and are dedicated to providing an education that allows all of our students to succeed. Our highly qualified, bilingual facilitators work with students in a small class setting that allows them to personalize their teaching strategies.

Students at IASA explore their world through a guided-inquiry approach to instruction. Our multilingual instructional program (English, Spanish, and coding) emphasizes the importance of global learning through engaging, multicultural assignments and experiences.

Opportunities for Learning

We proudly offer a challenging academic curriculum supplemented with a variety of extracurricular programs and services that enhance the student learning experience. Students have the opportunity to participate in activities such as physical education (including basketball and soccer), monthly field trips, fine arts (including music and painting), and gardening.

Educational Philosophy

At IASA, we are reimagining learning to better meet the needs of this generation. Our school is designed to help children create the future they want by setting important goals and developing the skills they need to achieve those goals. We believe:

  • Learning is a process, not a product.
    We believe students should be active participants in the pursuit of meaningful knowledge, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes. We insist upon a broad definition of “student achievement,” which lends equal support to the mastery of big ideas and the development of mindsets, competencies, and habits associated with long-term success.
  • Learning happens everywhere.
    We understand that learning occurs in the real world, between real people, for real reasons. We designed our school environment to optimize time, space, pedagogy and outside experiences to enhance students’ learning and make the most of their time. Our curriculum includes projects and inquiry that provide meaningful contexts for learning by connecting it to the work that is needed in the world, right now.
  • Learning is something people do together.
    Students learn themselves; learning is not something that is done to them or for them. We help students develop supportive relationships as they work with others to build a shared understanding of the world and its future. Our students learn how to build a community, communicate purposefully about its future, and develop sustained, productive learning networks that honour the people they hope to be.